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Reunion in Basingstoke 2006

The reunion was held at the Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke on 17th June and attended by:

Alistair and Jann Smart (parents of Russell Smart)
Fiona Armitage
Chris Milne and Penny Seago now Milne
Kathy Glen now Cunliffe
Gael Allan now Marks, Alexander and Stefan
Jerry Beresford
Lyn Marx and Michael
Bev Chambers
Mike Allardice
Archie Jenner, Sheila and Katherine
Angela Sutcliffe
Cynthia Fisher and Michael Fisher
Natalie Armiston
Tim Gould and Kathy George now Gould
Stewart McIntyre
Leigh Bates
John O'Shea 

Total attended: 25

The reunion started with a welcome drink in the foyer followed by a buffet lunch. After lunch a meeting was held (with an agenda) and a register signed. This reunion meeting marks the first of our Charity Committee Meetings and included a questionnaire being completed by interested persons.

Some of those who could not attend sent in messages of support. A report from St Marks High School on their needs to improve the school was tabled. It was agreed that both the Primary and the High School would be equally supported.

The next meeting has been scheduled to take place at the Red Lion Hotel in Basingstoke on the
14 June 2008 who once again have offered us competitive rates to hold our function with them.