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Springbok Radio

With permission from the Springbok Radio Preservation Society of South Africa

Growing up in Swaziland during the sixties and seventies meant listening to Springbok or LM Radio if you weren't reading your weekly comic from the Swaziland News Agency.

David Gresham "Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars" Gruesome Gresh was born in Mbabane, Swaziland, and attended St Marks. David presented the final S A Top 30 programme in December 1985 - the month Springbok Radio closed after 35 years.

David went on to become a well respected music industry leader and founded the only independent music company in South Africa, David Gresham Records. In 2002 he received a life time achievement award.

Back to Springbok Radio. To wet your appetite here's a selection of commericals and radio programes:

Taxi Chevrolet (1974)
The Pip Freedman Show Coke (1973)
Consider your verdict Castle Lager (1972)
Squad Cars ENO (1965)
Address Unknown Black Cat (1974)

What is really interesting is all the cigarette adverts and even more so that the Cameo packet (1973) had the words 'Your smoke can harm those around you' printed on.

To take a walk through memory lane a visit to the website is a must !! Go to Springbok Radio or direct to their commercials page or programmes page. Enjoy.