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Important Notes

  • All funds donated to the Alumni are for the school. Committee members contribute their time and running expenses from their own income.

  • All money goes into the Barclays St Marks Alumni Account held by John, Lyn and Archie. Two signatures are required before any withdrawal can be made.


  • Making a donation is simple now that we have signed up to Pay Pal. Just click on the 'Make a Donation' link on the website and follow the easy instructions. This applies to international donations as well.

  • If any members outside the UK would prefer to make a donation through their own bank please email John for international bank codes.

  • If any members based in the UK require a form for Direct Debit payments please email John. The form takes seconds to complete and just needs handing in or posting to your bank,


  • The present pupils of St Marks Primary and High School appreciate any donation, no matter how small, as money goes a long way in Swaziland and every little helps.

  • If any members commit to a small monthly or quarterly donation, this regular income will allow us to start projects in advance.


We hope to have some form of voluntary fundraising event at all reunions. Some current ideas are:

  • Members could bring a gift for raffle or auction

  • A percentage of the dinner costs could be donated to the fund

  • Sale of school ties, badges, etc

  • Handicraft items made by the students for sale.

All ideas for fundraising are especially welcome. We will also be happy to publish your events on our website. Email.

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