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Our Mission Statement


Our Status

  • We are a non profit-making association and all funds raised will go to the St Marks schools.No deductions are made and no expenses are paid out of these funds for the running of the Alumni.

  • On 18 February 2008 we received our official registration as a charity with HM Revenue and Customs  ( the UK tax authority ) and our registration number is: XT 7916 - St.Mark's Alumni.This registration allows us to claim back UK tax on donations made to us by individuals who are UK taxpayers under the Gift Aid Scheme.

  • Companies in the UK who have "Matched Giving and Payroll Giving Schemes" in place will also use this registration number.Most of these companies will pay these donations to the Charities Aid Foundation who will in turn pay over the funds to our charity.

  • The main UK charity authority is The Charity Commission.We are deemed to be a "small charity" at present and cannot register with this Commission.The rules may change in the future to allow voluntary registration and we will consider this registration at the appropriate time.
  • We carry out charity work under the Alumni name for the benefit of current and future students at both of the St Marks schools.

  • The Alumni is run by "committee members" - currently Lyn Marx,John O'Shea,Archie Jenner and Seamus Fitzpatrick - all ex students of St Marks.
  • The "Charity" section of the Alumni is under the control of "trustees" - currently Lyn Marx,John O'Shea,Archie Jenner and Seamus Fitzpatrick.


Our Mission Statement

  • To enhance the image,prestige and traditions of St Marks Primary and High School

  • To encourage unity,spirit,loyalty and co-operation between the Alumni,students,parents and teachers

  • To promote,support and publicise the Alumni and school activities and initiatives

  • To organise reunions for past and present students,teachers and friends

  • To raise money to help maintain high standards of education and school life in the best way we can

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