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John's meeting with Willie Long

Willie Long, Lyn's dad - Robin Haw, John O'Shea

I met Willie Long for lunch as I do every year I visit Swaziland and we had a good chinwag about the old days at St. Mark’s.

We also discussed the forthcoming August 2010 centenary celebrations at St. Mark’s regarding accommodation and numbers.

Fortunately the Soccer World Cup final is on July 11 th 2010 so this should not interfere with our hotel accommodation or flights. We do recommend to the Swaziland Alumni however that the event is held late August to allow things to settle down a bit.

Concern was raised about the potential numbers that may attend the reunion as almost anybody can claim to have attended St. Mark’s at some point to try and claim a free lunch on the day. We suggest that the Swaziland Alumni considers charging a token entrance fee to cover the costs and also perhaps raise a little money for St. Mark’s on the day. With advance notice even the poorest should be able to save up for the day.

Marcians are encouraged to contact us and give us your views on the forthcoming reunion so that they may be taken into account when the 2010 Reunion Committee meet.

John O'Shea - May 2010

Footnote from Lyn - Thank you so much to both Willie and John for meeting up with my dad who is still working as a land surveyor in Swaziland (albeit part time). Also talking about the Soccer World Cup Final - my sister in Australia was hoping to attend both the reunion and a soccer match down in Durban - is anyone else around the world thinking along the same lines??? Email John and give your thoughts.