St Marks Primary and High School Alumni

St Marks Primary and High School Alumni

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Photographs from 1950s

This section is for photographs from the 1950s era and is split into the following sections:

Class / Staff Photographs

St Marks Primary School 1958
St Marks High School 1959 - Standard 7a
St Marks High School 1954 - Standard 7
St Marks Primary School - Standard 3

Sports/ Group Photographs

St Marks 1959 School Trip

Student Photographs

Beth Nixon

School Building Photographs

St Marks late 1950s
St Marks school hall late 1950s
St Marks front view late 1950s


These sections can only grow on contributions from past and present Marcians.
Have a look in the box in garage or the attic and send in those pics - we need them, so share them!