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Charity Meeting

  • The St Mark’s Alumni held a charity meeting in Basingstoke UK on the 6th May 2007 to view proposed projects for the development of St Mark’s from both the Primary and High Schools.

  • Trustees decided that although we have ‘wish lists’ from both the primary and high schools, the primary school is at present the most urgent priority and this could always be reviewed at a later date if progress is much better than we anticipate.

  • After studying the list of proposed projects for the school, it was decided to sponsor the agricultural classroom. The budget for this calculated at £11,000 (E150 000), which does not seem to be unachievable and gives us something tangible to concentrate on.

  • Since the charity meeting, Chris Davies,the Primary School principal,has suggested that a domestic science room may be a better project to start with as there is already some agriculture being taught in the school.

Rotary Club

  • We have the support of the Mbabane Rotary Club to assist us with administration of projects as well as the support of the Colchester Rotary Club in the UK with whom they have close links.
  • The next step is for Chris Davies and John O'Shea to submit a project proposal to the Rotary Club which, should they be kind enough to accept, would provide the ideal conduit to channel funds.
  • As a registered UK Charity, the Colchester RC would also allow us to benefit from a 28% tax return on donations from UK taxpayers as well as giving us the opportunity to try and attract corporate donations

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